Dave Johnson M.M.P.

Medical Massage Practitioner

Lic# MA 77671

Located at:

Cosmic Center Of Spiritual Light

5041 Ringwood Meadow Bldg G-2

Sarasota, FL 34235

(941) 228-1275


I am very pleased to recommend Mr. David Johnson and to review for you the reasons that I believe so strongly in his talents as a medical massage practitioner. In my position as a rheumatologist at the Summit Medical Group in New Jersey, I have developed a program to diagnose and treat fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries as well as localized joint pain. Many of these conditions are a direct result of connective tissue damage, resulting from chronic muscle spasm and myofascial pain. We have found that these painful conditions respond best to a multidisciplinary approach using components of massage and deep myofacial release, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture, exercise, yoga, physical therapy, and local injection of soft tissue injury. From the beginning of these efforts, David Johnson has been at the center of our medical massage program. Not only has he successfully treated a multitude of patients , but he has also been instrumental in helping to guide us in the formulation of a multidisciplinary approach. His knowledge, expertise, and instinct coupled with his strong interpersonal skills lead those of us with less experience in the right direction. During the years together, I found Mr. Johnson to be a skilled, ethical, and compassionate therapist. He treats his patients with a combination of therapeutic touch and healing. He also explains their condition to them, and shows heartfelt concern for their pain. Patients seem to sense his commitment to their well being which I believe enhances their recovery. David's personality adds an additional element to his therapeutic skill. He is quiet and sensitive, yet strong and confident. His opinions are well thought out and are often very insightful. It is clear that he takes a personal interest in the professional treatment of each of his patients, and they love him for it.



Richard A. Wilmot, MD

(Former) Director of Musculoskeletal Medicine

Summit Medical Group

I am writing to tell you about my colleague, David Johnson, MMP. I met David 4 years ago when I was pregnant wuth my son. I was suffering from sciatica, with jolting pain on my every step, another physician with whom I worked recommended that I see if David could help. He was able to take me within two days of my calling, and when I arrived, he had his table set up for a woman who was seven months pregnant. After my first massage, the pain was about 80% gone. After my second massage a week later, I was completely cured and the pain never recurred. Since then, I have gone into private practice and I have referred many patients to David for muscle spasm and other complaints. Everyone who has seen him has come back feeling better, with nothing but satisfied comments regarding David. David Johnson is very knowledgeable and skillful in performing massage. When a patient comes to him with a particular complaint, he works hard to relieve their pain and consistently does. He is a pleasure to work with as a colleague, and I would recommend him to anyone from my perspective as a patient. I would recommend him highly for any position in massage therapy.


Samantha Pozner, MD

Summit / Springfield Family Practice

My massage experience with Dave was almost indescribable. Dave had a sense of peace about him that was definitely transmitted to me. The massage was relaxing yet energetic. Dave was able to transfer his gift of energy through his hands to me which made the experience unique and incredible. I would overwhelmingly recommend this experience to all. As a chiropractor I felt the massage helped to relax me and enhance my future adjustments. Give Dave a try. You will walk out with a new and rejuvenated energy.


Trish Jamison, DC

Jamison Family Chiropractic


If the adage "It's hard to find a good man," is true, then finding a good massage therapist is even more difficult. It took me more than two months of making inquiries and consulting with professionals before I landed in the office of Dave Johnson. During this treasure hunt of sorts, I learned that there is general muscle tension or soreness associated with, for example, an overly ambitious workout session or a bad day at work. Dave's knowledge of the manner in which muscles work and his ability to implement this understanding in a clinical setting puts him in the former category. With Dave's help, I found relief from migraine headaches, which was one of the medical reasons I pursued massage therapy. Dave's abilities became clear to me the first time he was able to relieve the pain of a migraine that was in progress when I reached his office. On a scale of one to ten, I rated my pain ten plus before our session started. One hour later, I left his office at about a number four on the pain scale. Upon returning home and allowing the affect of the session to "kick in," the pain steadily dissipated even more. Needless to say, I was grateful for his help, but even more appreciative that Dave was determined that I should leave his office feeling not a little bit better, but significantly improved. This brings me to a second point that puts Dave a cut above the rest. He is truly committed to his patients. Dave demonstrates a genuine compassion for his patients that is sadly lacking in many medical circles these days. I've recalled just one incident in what has become a string of positive experiences at Summit Bodywork and Massage Therapy. I'm glad I didn't get discouraged and continued my treasure hunt to find the right massage therapist. I found a "pot of gold" in Dave Johnson.



Jennie R.


“I developed TMJ about three years ago, and was unsure that I would ever be free of the pain caused by it. Traditional massages that I had received at spas only seemed to make the pain worse. Because of those bad experiences, I was skeptical about medical massage therapy at first. Despite my skepticism, I decided to try David's trigger point therapy as a last resort.” ”To my surprise, and great relief, my massage therapy sessions began to alleviate the pain right away. I did not suffer any pain after my sessions, unlike my previous massage experiences, and my headaches are much less frequent and severe now. After just a few sessions, I'm at the point where I can just call him whenever I think I need more therapy. It really has helped, and given me a better quality of life as a result.”



Tasha R.


Subsequent to a total hip replacement surgery in 1998, I began having pain, tightness and occasional vertebra subluxation in my lower back specifically the mechanics of the back and hip were being adversely affected by a somewhat "frozen or immobile left sacroilliac joint. Heterotopic ossification on the side of the hip replacement following the surgery had given me limited flexibility and movement of the hip and thus putting pressure on the lower back and SI joint. During the last year with the aid of very focused massage by David Johnson utilizing new techniques to loosen this joint and the surrounding area, the approach has proven successful. The SI joint which is a tight joint normally, has new flexibility and functionality providing me significant relief in terms of lower back discomfort. I now have better balance in my back, a new looseness and additional flexibility as a result of a physical fitness regime on my part. Unquestionably these applications and treatments have been fully responsible for my physical improvements. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Johnson for his research and perseverance to more fully learn the symptoms of the joint problems I suffered from and address a new principle of massage to resultantly improve the quality of my daily life.



Tom O.


It was a unique massage experience in that Dave told me how different muscles in the body are connected to other muscles that I would never have guessed. I had been having tightness and soreness and limited movement in my neck when I got my massage, and I was completely healed by the next day. I highly recommend this experience!


Lora A.


Dave gave me two massages and explained to me where I was holding my stress. I now know why I have so much neck pain and lower back and knee pain. He is so knowledgeable about muscles and bones, etc. that are very specific to your particular problems. He addresses those instead of just giving you a basic general run of the mill massage so you can help yourself avoid things causing your pain. I highly recommend him and have to say that I have never been to someone that helped me as much as he has even though going to probably a hundred different masseuses in my lifetime.


Pamela W.


Having never had a medical massage before I had no idea what to expect. Found Dave to be most helpful and knowledgeable in explaining the causes of my muscle tension and very professional in his approach. I left with a much better sense of wellbeing which also lasted a lot longer than many treatments I have had.


Marcia L.


Dave has a unique talent and has helped both my wife and me. We had severe back pain I due to different type of injuries. In both cases, his massage therapy significantly helped us recover.


Dan G.


Dave was awesome! I have never had a massage treatment like this before, and I loved it. I instantly felt lighter. I will recommend to my friends.


Vicky W.

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