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Dave Johnson M.M.P.

Medical Massage Practitioner

Lic# MA 77671

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Pre-Natal Bodywork


I specialize in treating pre-natal pain. There are many contraindications associated with pregnancy. Many therapists don't have a deep enough understanding to address more complex muscle issues during pregnancy. I have spent many years developing the methods I use to treat your pain safely and effectively without major discomfort.

Post-Natal Bodywork


I am sure you know someone who has low back pain after childbirth. The S.I. joints get stuck on one side or both. They need to be able to move freely. When the hips splay to accomadate the growing baby, they can get stuck on one side or both. This can cause sacral pain, and also chronic tension in the lumbar area of the spine. This could go on for a lifetime if left alone. By using S.I. joint mobilization techniques, the condition can be relieved. Even if your children are grown up now, if you still have pain it can be relieved. It will take a little longer than someone who just gave birth, but it is workable. Its gentle and non-invasive



Another physician with whom I worked recommended that I see if David could help. He was able to take me within two days of my calling, and when I arrived, he had his table set up for a woman who was seven months pregnant. After my first massage, the pain was about 80% gone. After my second massage a week later, I was completely cured and the pain never recurred. Since then, I have gone into private practice and I have referred many patients to David for muscle spasm and other complaints. Everyone who has seen him has come back feeling better, with nothing but satisfied comments regarding David. David Johnson is very knowledgeable and skillful in performing massage. When a patient comes to him with a particular complaint, he works hard to relieve their pain and consistently does. He is a pleasure to work with as a colleague, and I would recommend him to anyone from my perspective as a patient. I would recommend him highly for any position in massage therapy.



Samantha Pozner, MD Summit/Springfield Family Practice

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