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Dave Johnson M.M.P.

Medical Massage Practitioner

Lic# MA 77671

Located at:

Cosmic Center Of Spiritual Light

5041 Ringwood Meadow Bldg G-2

Sarasota, FL 34235

(941) 228-1275


My approach to pain is to keep things simple and as comfortable as possible. For years I have educated people about the counterproductive nature of deep and invasive bodywork" The source of pain is not always where you feel it. By the use of an indirect approach to treating the pain, the results are better and much more comfortable for the client. I created 2 techniques that help me accomplish this.


Interconnectedness Technique:

It is basically body reflexology used to work on areas of the body that otherwise seem unrelated. These are areas that get overlooked by other modalities, and allow muscle related pain to persists.


Periostial Bodywork.

Soreness in the bones is a big cause of muscle related pain. It is also the cause for a lot of mysterious pain. Usually hip, leg, back, shoulder and neck pain. However it is not limited to those areas. I created this bodywork to address pain in a non-invasive but effective way.

Dave came to the West Coast of Florida about a year and 6 months ago, from New Jersey. He had been in private practice in New Jersey for 21 years. He worked in the musculoskeletal medicine department of the Summit Medical Group for 2 years, and was responsible for starting their medical massage program. There he specialized in the treatment of localized joint pain, myofacial and reflex pain syndromes. Having been taken under the wing of rheumatologist Dr Richard Wilmot, David was able to learn many things from a doctor's perspective. They worked together for over 8 years. Dr Wilmot is an authority on the treatment of myofacial pain, and was voted one of the top 10 doctors in NJ by New Jersey Magazine. David has attended Morris Institute Of Natural Therapeutics, Denville NJ, Institute For Therapeutic Massage, Pompton Lakes NJ, University Of Medicine & Dentistry (UMDNJ), Newark NJ studying hospital based massage and the Upledger Institute, Palm Beach Gardens FL. After working at several places, he has finally opened up a new practice in Siesta Key, FL. at Siesta Key Sports & Physical Therapy. "It will be great because medical massage and PT are adjunct therapies. I totally believe that my clients will benefit imensly having access to both".



Seton Hall University College Of Nursing, Student Nurses Association, South Orange, New Jersey


Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison, New Jersey


Summit Medical Group, Summit New Jersey


Township Of Hillside, New Jersey


Chamber Of Commerce, Summit, New Jersey


Borough Of Roselle Park, New Jersey

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